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Many will agree that energy efficiency is important to both home and business owners because saving energy usually equates to saving money! Ensuring your roof is energy efficient can cut your energy cost all year round. There are several different types of energy efficient roofing materials and accessories to choose from. However one of the most critical components when looking at energy efficiency is having proper insulation and ventilation. Having an efficient ventilation system can improve climate control throughout both the hot summer months and the cold winter months, as well as provide additional protection against harsh elements.

Climate Control

There are several roofing factors that contribute to how well your home or business holds its temperature. In addition to having proper ventilation, applying shields and coatings can help with temperature control.Roof coatings come in many forms. They can be made out of a variety of materials and serve different purposes depending on your climate

  • The Summer Heat. In the summer, the purpose of the coating is to reflect light away from your home. This is done with SPF shingles. Much like we use sunscreen, these SPF shingles protect your roof by preventing it from absorbing too much sunlight and overheating. If these shingles successful reflect light from your roof, you can save air conditioning costs because it will not have to work as hard to keep your home cool.

SPF coating be applied to an industrial roofs.

  • Winter Weather Protection. During the winter months, your roof’s purpose is exactly the opposite. It needs to keep your home or business warm and cozy. Heat naturally rises, so your roof and its insulation must be strong enough to prevent the heat from escaping through the roof and leaving you with a hefty heating bill. To help protection your roof during the harsh winter, it is recommended you add a weatherproof coating to your roof. This coating will waterproof your roof and add an additional layer of protection against the escaping heat, as well as protect your roof from ice dam formation.

    Weatherproofing an industrial roof.

    • Ice Damming. Ice damming can cause serious problems for not only your roof, but the entire structure of your home or business. Ice dams are caused when the heat escaping from your home melts the snow and ice which then runs off your roof. However, the melted snow and ice does not make it all the way off the roof before refreezing. This melted wintery mix attempts to make it to your roof’s gutters, but it is stopped at the eaves where it meets snow and ice build-up. Once it meets the snow and ice it refreezes causing the build-up to grow, causing more damage on your roof.

Needless to say, there are major benefits to ensuring your roof is energy efficient!

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