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It is essential to have an Ice and Water Shield installed on your roof. It will not only protect against water damage and decrease the possibility of leaks, it will also enhance your roof’s lifespan. The Ice and Water Shield provides an extra layer defense to the roofs most vulnerable areas: eaves and valleys, roofing vents, skylights and around the chimney. The damage in these areas is caused by ice damming, wind-driven rains and backed up gutters. These shields are usually offered as an “additional feature,” but we strongly recommend that you have the Ice and Water Shield installed! uploads/Roof-Ice-Melting-System-Perfectly- Clear-by-Calorique-450x300.jpg

Ice Damming on the Roof. /uploads/2016/09/blocked-gutters-32.jpg

Water overflowing due to gutter blockage.

What is Ice and Water Shield?

The Ice and Water Shield is a thin rubberized asphalt membrane that defends your roof from cold and severe weather conditions. Exposure to extreme elements, such as heavy rains, strong winds and winter storms, is the most common cause of roofing leaks. This peel and stick shield adds an extra waterproof barrier to your roof deck that prevent leaks and stops water from seeping into your home.

Ice and Water Shield is a peel and stick shield made of rubberized asphalt membrane.

Why is it essential to have an Ice and Water Shield installed?

The Ice and Shield Water adds an extra layer of protection that maximizes your roof’s waterproofing component. The shingles can only do so much. The shield works with your roofing material to provide additional support to the most vulnerable areas. It even acts as a gasket around the nail holes; sealing off these holes and prevents any water from leaking in.

The Ice and can save you thousands of dollars in water damage repairs. Don’t allow yourself to get drenched in costly leaks. Get an Ice and Water Shield installed during your next roof replacement! Especially if you live in areas susceptible to heavy rains, ice and snow storms, strong winds or hurricanes.

Ice and Water Shield installed directly onto roof deck.

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