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JM Roofing Group

JM Roofing of Florida was founded in 2005

JM Roofing Group was created by Owner, Joshua Miller. Joshua is a 3rd Generation Roofer and one of the youngest licensed roofers in the State of Florida ever. He has an extensive knowledge in roof repairs, roof replacements, and general roof maintenance. With over 18 years of experience in Florida Roofing, Joshua has the knowledge and wisdom to help our team resolve any roofing issues you may have.

Our services

Roof Repairs

Regardless of the roof repair, whether it is tile, shingles, metal, or flat roofs, JM Roofing of Florida can handle almost any leak scenario you need repaired.

Roof Replacements

JM Roofing of Florida specializes in all types of roof replacements, including: Shingles, Concrete Tile, Porcelain Ironstone Tile, Metal, Roof Coatings, Flat Roofs, and more...

Roof Maintenance

A lot of roofing companies don't want to do small jobs or maintenance. However, it has been a cornerstone of our business. Whether it is a shingle roof that needs some TLC or a flat roof that needs a coating to extend the life on a commercial roof. JM Roofing has you covered.

5110 S Manhattan Ave,

Tampa, FL 33611

Mon-Fri: 9am - 5pm

About JM Roofing

JM Roofing of Florida has been serving Florida property owners since 2005 and looks forward to continue to serve our communities for years to come!

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