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The Importance of Seasonal Roof Repairs and Roof Maintenance

JM Roofing Group specialize in all types of roofing and roof services.  Whether your roof has only one shingle missing, or even a small leak, let a JM Roofing Group representative discuss the importance of roof repairs and roof maintenance with you, when you call for your FREE inspection.  JM Roofing Group wants to build a long-term relationship with every one of our customers. Today, we will explain different maintenance options and repair options for leaking roofs.

Seasonal Roof Repairs

First, we would like to discuss seasonal roof repairs. The causes of roof leaks can widely vary. However, there are a few very common leaks we run into. Not to mention, most could even be resolved with simple roof maintenance! But, we will get to that shortly. For now, let’s get back to top 3 causes for a leaking roof.

Pipe Jack Leaks

Most commonly, the roof leak we run into the most, is near a bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room. The reason for this, is because the leak cause is from a Pipe Jack. A pipe jack is also referred to as a pipe vent or pipe flashing. The PVC plumbing pipes that drain your water need a vent, to allow the drain to work properly. Most PVC pipes vent through the roof, and a special collar, with a flashing flange around the base. The collar around the pipe tends to wear and crack around year 10 to 15.  The solution to this is to replace or repair the damaged collar. Here is a picture of a damaged collar versus a repaired collar.

The importance of roof repairs and roof maintenance

A cracked or split pipe collar is the most common cause of roof leaks on residential roofs.

The importance of roof repairs and roof maintenance

A repaired pipe jack on your PVC plumbing pipe could easily solve your roof leak.

Wall Flashing Leaks

The second most common leak is due to improperly installed flashing. Step flashing and other types of roof-to-wall flashing are commonly installed wrong. Consequently, this results in roof leaks originating in these areas quite ofter. There are many solutions and remedies to resolve this issue. Some more cost effective than others, such as caulking a flashing wall to prevent water entry. However, in many extreme cases, there is no other option but to remove damaged wood, re-flash the walls, and reinstall shingles. These leaks are a bit more tricky to resolve, but nevertheless, are fairly easy to fix.

Chimney Leaks

Finally, the third most common roof leak JM Roofing Group reps run into is chimney leaks. There can be a wide array of reasons for a chimney leak. Deteriorated sealant on the flashing can simply be a root cause of a chimney leak. Commonly we run into leaks caused because a “cricket” was never built. A leak on the back side of chimney can cause water to stand and build up behind a chimney. If the water cannot shed down the roof properly, it will deteriorate your roof, until it enters and becomes a leak.

The importance of roof repairs and roof maintenance

This diagram explains the different components of a chimney. The cricket sits on the back side of the chimney to divert water from the back side of the chimney.

Seasonal Roof Maintenance

Most, if not all, of the leaks we have discussed today are preventable. Maintaining your roof, or at least having it inspected, every 5 years is highly recommended. Performing maintenance on your roof, throughout its life, is the best way to ensure you get the maximum life out of your roof system. Exposed nails and raised nails leave vulnerable entry points all over the roof. Securing and sealing those progressively, prevents the problems from getting out of hand. Preemptively fixing damaged pipe jacks will also greatly increase the chances of preventing a leak. Flashing walls, chimney, and many other vents and accessories on your roof should also be regularly maintained. Regularly scheduled maintenance inspections are a good idea for any responsible homeowner or consumer.

Thank you for spending the time to read our blog about the importance of roof repairs and roof maintenance. We hope we can help you repair or prevent any roof leak you have. Please call for a FREE inspection today!

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