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What You Need to Know About Roofs When Buying or Selling a Home?

Has a home inspector with roofing concerns told you to have a certified roofing contractor inspect your roof? Has the home inspector said repairs were needed to the roof? Well? JM Roofing Group will walk you through what you need to know about roofs when buying or selling a home.

Roofing Concerns for Home Sellers

First, if you’re selling your house, you shouldn’t wait until the home inspection to find out if there are issues with your roof. A FREE inspection from JM Roofing Group will have you prepared for your home sale. Most noteworthy, a roof can generally be maintained in preparation for your home sale. Even though home inspectors are well trained, roofing is an area that is limited due to roof steepness. We have seen on many occasions an inspector suggest a new roof. However, simple maintenance would have sufficed for the home sale. Call a qualified roofer prior to putting your home on the market. We will write a report of the roof quality and its remaining potential life span. Don’t go into the closing process unprepared. Call today for your free roof inspection.

Roofing Concerns for Home Buyers

As a result of many home inspections, recommendations for roof repairs are made. JM Roofing Group will inspect the roof for the recommended repairs. In addition, we will inspect the rest of the roof for any necessary maintenance. We will provide an estimate for repairs. If you choose to have us perform the repairs, we will write a detailed report of repairs and maintenance performed. Also, we will document the remaining life expectancy of the existing roof. Don’t hold up the closing of your new home.

Call JM Roofing Group to help you put that sold sign on your new home today!

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